Huber Colloquium on Iberoamerican Art, Fall 2011

Huber Colloquium on Iberoamerican Art, Fall 2011

October 6

Architectural Paradigms of the Conquest: The Incas, the Spanish and the Church of Nuestra Señora de Montserrat

Stella Nair, Assistant Professor

University of California, Riverside


November 10

The Intersection of Architecture and Expressions of Identity in Ponce, Puerto Rico

Javier Bonnin

Bonnin Orozco Arquitectos


December 1

Museum, Monument, City: Archaeologies of Power in Modern Mexico

Luis M. Castañeda

Assistant Professor of Art History, Syracuse University


Cover Photo Credits: Miguel Luciano, Entro P.R. / Double-Phantom, 1952 Schwinn Phantom bicycles, restored and customized, 2017; Pa-lan-te, neon, 2017. Photographer: Jason Wyche.