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The Latin American Forum is a space of dialogue and discussion around matters concerning modern and contemporary Latin American and Caribbean art. It hosts a series of talks, interviews, and conversations with artists, curators, and scholars in order to promote the advanced understanding XX and XXI century art in the Americas. As a conversational space for the creation of knowledge, its aim is to build bridges that allow the exchange of ideas, resources, and methods within the field. This forum is generously funded by the Institute of Studies on Latin American Art (ISLAA) and is held regularly throughout the academic year in different formats, whether panel discussion, conversation, or lecture.


Friday, May 4

Game Changers: Women Artists in 1970s Mexico. A conversation with Magali Lara and Mónica Mayer moderated by Carla Stellweg

Since the 1970s, artists Mónica Mayer and Magali Lara have been recognized as two of the most groundbreaking and daring figures in Mexican art. While they each take their own distinct ideological and stylistic approach, their work often confronts issues of feminism and the female body while critiquing the sociopolitical contexts in which they are located.

Mónica and Magali will be joined by renowned art historian and critic Carla Stellweg, a pioneer promoter and facilitator of Latin American art. We are incredibly pleased to have these three—who have worked together on numerous occasions—at the center of this spring’s Latin American Forum.

This forum — generously funded by the Institute of Studies on Latin American Art (ISLAA) and coordinated by Professor Edward J. Sullivan — invites distinguished visiting lecturers to the Institute to foster greater understanding and recognition of Latin American art around the world. For more information on ISLAAclick here. 

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Photo Credits: Eduardo Kac, GFP Bunny, 2000.