Photo Credit: N.L. Roberts, IFA-NYU

The Latin American Forum is a space of dialogue and discussion around matters concerning modern and contemporary Latin American and Caribbean art. It hosts a series of talks, interviews, and conversations with artists, curators, and scholars in order to promote the advanced understanding XX and XXI century art in the Americas. As a conversational space for the creation of knowledge, its aim is to build bridges that allow the exchange of ideas, resources, and methods within the field. This forum is generously funded by the Institute of Studies on Latin American Art (ISLAA) and is held regularly throughout the academic year in different formats, whether panel discussion, conversation, or lecture.



Monday, September 25

José Leonilson: Autobiography of a Brazilian Artist

Image: José Leonilson Bezerra Dias, Empty Man, 1991, Thread on embroidered linen, 20 7/8 x 14 9/16 in (53 x 37 cm). Família Bezerra Dias/Projeto Leonilson. © Projeto Leonilson

The Americas Society presents an academic symposium at New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts to celebrate the upcoming exhibition José Leonilson: Empty Man and the international launch of the three volume Leonilson catalogue raisonné, recently completed by the artist’s estate, the São Paulo-based Projeto Leonilson.


Cecilia Brunsonindependent curatorGabriela RangelDirector and Chief Curator, Visual Arts

Americas Society; Susanna V. TemkinAssistant Curator, Visual Arts, Americas Society

Yuji KawasimaPhD. Candidate Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Ana Lenice DiasPresident, Projeto Leonilson

Jenni Sorkin, University of California, Santa Barbara

Edward Sullivan, New York University


Monday, October 9

A Conversation with Cecilia Vicuña and Professor Edward J. Sullivan

Artist, poet, activist and philosopher, Cecilia Vicuña (born in Chile, a long-time resident of New York) has been noted for many decades for her work in a wide variety of media and venues. Her political activism, her artistic innovation and her stimulating and original approach to problems of visuality and the expresssion of collective emotion are at the heart of her art.

We are immensely pleased to have Cecilia as the first Artist in this Fall’s series of the Latin American Forum events. She will discuss her work in the context of a conversation with Edward J. Sullivan, Professor of Latin American and Caribbean Art History and Deputy Director of the Institute of Fine Arts.

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Friday, November 17

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Cover Photo Credits: “Quipu Mapocho”, Cecilia Vicuña, Llolleo, Chile, 2016. Photographer: Rafael Yaluff.